About the author

My name is Stoil Delchev.
I was born in 1989 in Sofia. I have been living there since my birth.
I finished university education (bachelor degree) in Information Technologies in July 2013 with passing state examination in State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies on Tzarigradsko shose 119A blvd.
I finished secondary education with profied learning of Informatics and Information Technologies at 55th Secondary school "Petko Karavelov" in May 2008 in Dyrvenitza quarter.
I have had an enhanced interest on wokring with computers since I was a child. I have gained experience with their use over time, in a result of which I have gained working skills with the Microsft Windows(R) operating system, Linux operating system, some Microsoft Office(R) applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), web design using Adobe Flash 8. I have skills in assembling hardware configurations.
I know English very well.
During my spare time I like using the computer, going for a walk, listening to music.